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  • As you drive along the causeway into the centre of the lake it soon becomes obvious that this water is one of the most unusual lakes in France you’ll ever come across because Malvoisine provides the carp angler with something quite unique.

    Fishing from a two acre “island,” fishing lines radiate from the centre giving each guest the maximum angling space from the margins to the far side. There’s definitely no competition for water here. It’s also the most sociable of layouts. Bivvied up together, you can enjoy a relaxing barbeque and a cool glass of the local cider on a warm summer evening, but still experience the best fishing the lake can offer. Malvoisine really is the perfect venue for a get together with family or angling friends.

    There’s a very good head of hard fighting carp present from doubles to forties, guaranteed to thrill any angler as they pick up your baits and make spectacular runs bow waving at speed through the shallow margins. Large multiple catches are possible and a massive 1,600lbs of carp in a week has been achieved.

    The owners Gigi and Pierre are warm and welcoming and we’ve been very impressed with the professional way they run their lake.

    Malvoisine is a mature lake bordered by poplars and long trailing weeping willows which overhang the water’s edge, with sunken branches in the far margins adding to the carpy feel.

    Flat mown grassy banks provide a perfect bivvy area and this 17 acre lake really is a delight to the eyes and one of the most attractive lakes in France you’ll find.

    The water is between 1 and 2 metres deep and understandably with the abundance of bankside trees the lake bed is mostly silt, but it’s quite firm making bait presentation simplicity itself.

    Casting distances to the far margins range from 30 metres to 160 metres, so in some areas of the lake a baitboat can be a definite advantage.

    Swim 1 is the first swim on the left after walking along the driveway/spit onto the central island. Gigi likes swim 1 as you have the margin back alongside the spit and the far margin as well. It has good depth.

    Swim 2 is a favourite of many regulars as on the far margin is a spot where the owners feed the Ble to the fish in the winter. They also feed some boillies broken up (locally made french fresh boillies, you can buy them on site but you need to order them at least 2 weeks before). Swim 2 and 3 sit together quite nicely and again have some good depth up to 2 metres.

    Swims 3 and 4 also good and have good depth and a more distant margin, so a larger area of water covered.

    Swim 5 also keeps some depth and is lovely and spacious.

    Swim 6 aligns itself with closer margins to the far side and the depth begins to reduce to the right hand side.

    Swims 7 & 8 are the shallowest of the swims and in the summer will go down to 0.7 – 0.5 of a metre but as we stood with water levels high it was around 1.2 metres.

    Swim 9 brings once more the depth in the water and again the margins are closer.

    Swim 10 is a larger wide swim and has some big willows on the left to allow shade in the summer.

    Swim 11 is very close to swim 10 and is also very good fish across to the far margins in front of the wooden cabin, again another feeding spot.

    Swim 12 has the margin to the right of the spit and this is also where the owners feed the ble and bollies to the right of the shed in the winter.

  • Venue Information

    Lakesize (in acres): 11 - 20
    Max Number of Anglers : 10
    Number of Swims : 12
    Stock: 200 – 299
    Average Weight: 20lb–24lb
    Fish Stocked:
    • Mirror Carp
    • Common Carp
    • Grass Carp
    • Wels Catfish
    • Pike
    • Zander
    Nuisance Species Present : Unknown

    Records Weights

    Mirror Carp.: 40lb+
    Common Carp.: 40lb+
    Grass Carp.: 30LB+
    Wels Catfish.: 40lb+


    Facilities Available:
    • Hot Showers
    • Electricity (mains)
    • Flush Toilets
    • Fridge
    • Freezer
    • Secure Parking
    • Accommodation
    • Cooking Facilities (self)
    • Bait For Sale
    Are bait boats allowed?: Yes
    Are Rowing Boats Allowed?: No

    Booking Options

    Packages Available:
    • Drive & Survive
    • Exclusive Package


    Are Dogs Allowed?: No
    Are Local Fishing Permits Required?: No
    Can I book Non-Anglers?: Yes
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